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A full featured and sophisticated test case management solution -- all native inside Atlassian's Jira Software.

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JIRA Testing

Test inside Jira

Get the Jira test management solution that integrates testing into the project cycle, allowing you to track software quality and make empowered go/no-go decisions. Test issues can be created, executed, tracked and reported on just like any other Jira issue.


Jira Look n’ Feel

Cleanly embedded within Jira screens, the look n’ feel is exactly like Jira’s, making it easy for teams to immediately start realizing the benefits of full featured test management inside Jira.


Automation & CI

Enhance the testing experience by integrating with automation tools like Selenium, continuous integration tools like Bamboo or Jenkins using RESTful APIs in ZAPI, the Add-on to Zephyr for Jira.



We give project teams the peace of mind that their Jira upgrade will not impact the collaboration between Dev and QA since the integration between Zephyr for Jira and JIRA will continue to work.

Agile Ready

Agile Ready

Visualize all test executions by story; get a better sense of what has been tested and its level of quality, link features between the Test Cycles and Sprints, and track status and quality metrics with burndown charts and test boards.


Track Quality Metrics

Get deep insight into project status with execution cycles, executions by testers, and execution details as well as track software quality with multiple metrics and configurable gadgets to display data.

Try / Buy

Easy to Try & Buy

Zephyr for Jira is easy to try, buy, install and use. License tiers are aligned with Jira and Confluence license tiers and can be purchased directly from the Atlassian Marketplace.


Expert Partners

Our experts partners help deliver an incredible experience with our products. If you need an integration built, help with setup and configuration, or training – we’ve got the expert for the job.

Numerous Deployment Options

Flexible options that are aligned with your world



We Host

Quick deployments on our secure global cloud

Get up and running in minutes using our secure global cloud infrastructure. Perfect for agile project teams that need to be up and running quickly.



You Host

Deploy on your own servers for on-site security

Install on your own servers behind your firewalls. Perfect for project teams with secure infrastructure and excess capacity.

Data Center

data center

You Host

Built for clustered Data Center environments

Get scalability to keep pace with your growing business needs. Perfect for teams that need improved performance and minimum downtime.

Product Features

Zephyr for Jira Add-ons

Enhance your experience.

Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence

Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence

Using the Dashboard Blueprint, create and maintain testing dashboards to update project teams and management on quality status. Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence allows you to track and report on your testing in Confluence. It gets real-time testing metrics from Zephyr and Zephyr for Jira and displays them within Confluence dashboards and pages.

Using the Dashboard Blueprint, you can create and maintain testing dashboards to update project teams and management on quality status. You can also integrate appropriate test metrics, annotate and publish status. This add-on allows you to bring in your testing metrics from Zephyr and/or Zephyr for Jira and insert them into testing dashboard blueprints. Customizable macros also let you insert these metrics into any Confluence page

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Test Cycles and the tests contained within them are easy to retrieve via simple REST calls. Powerful add-on to Zephyr for Jira allows access to its testing data programmatically via RESTful APIs. ZAPI needs Zephyr for Jira to be installed. ZAPI allows you to hook your automation and continuous integration tools to Zephyr for Jira. You can retrieve tests for execution and programmatically update their results. Well documented RESTful APIs let you create tests and execution cycles, update execution status, add attachments, and retrieve information about users, projects, releases, tests and execution cycles. You can also create ZQL based saved search filters in Zephyr for Jira and retrieve that data to create custom reports,integrate to bespoke solutions and to communicate with other systems.

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Zephyr for JIRA Utilities

Test Importer

The Zephyr for Jira Tests Importer Utility is a Scala+Java based program used in conjunction with the Zephyr for Jira add-on to import Tests into Jira from Excel.

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ZAPI Board

With AtlasBoard and Zephyr ZAPI, you can create a test management board for your team. ZAPI Board allows you to present testing related data in wallboards. Available as an open source package installed as a sub-module for AtlasBoard – with widgets including execution activity, execution progress, and execution trends – ZAPI Board is perfect for presenting metrics from Jira and Zephyr for Jira to the larger project teams.

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Maven Plugin

The ZAPI Maven plugin integrates with Zephyr for Jira and can upload your surefire and failsafe reports into Jira. It allows you to lookup tests by their fully qualified class name and creates one if not found.

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Jenkins CI Integrations

Zephyr Test Management Plugin for Jenkins integrates Jenkins and Zephyr. This plugin creates test cases and publishes test results in Zephyr for JUnit test cases in Jenkins.

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Premium Support Package

A Premium Support option is now available for your Zephyr for Jira subscription. This additional package is designed to help you achieve your business performance goals and maximize your investment in Zephyr.


Check-in calls with Technical Account Manager


Extended support hours for urgent cases to support your global team

4 Hours/Quarter

Remote consultation with our technical team


Weekend support for your upgrades


Participation in our Customer Advisory Board

Prioritized Response

Based on severity of the issue and business impact

Do more with Premium Support

Leverage our expert global support team for prioritized response, active guidance and more personal engagement.

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Technical Response

Priority levels are designed to help us categorize the impact of issues on clients business and commit to the required escalations and resolution time.

Priority 4
A request for new feature or enhancement to existing feature, documentation, general questions, etc.
Priority 3
An issue or reported defect that causes moderate impact on the use of product due to one ore more non-critical features being non-functional or system performance being intermittently poor. A work-around may or may not be available.
Priority 2
An issue or reported defect that has some business impact on a production system, resulting in some critical features (Creating, editing, scheduling and executing testcases) being non-functional. The Solution is generally usable, but does not provide a function in the most convenient or expeditious manner. A workaround is available.
Priority 1
An issue that has significant to critical business impact on a production environment, which cannot be reasonably circumvented, resulting in entire platform being down or inaccessible or functioning at a significantly reduced capacity when taken as a whole. No workaround is available.